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Ningbo Precise Smart Equipment Co ltd is a subsidiary of Precise industry dedicated in the development production sales and after sales service of pneumatic hydraulic products The company is located in the National 5A grade tourist attraction Xikou Fenghua which is a scenic place The transportation is very convenient since It is 20 kilometers away from Ningbo International Airport and 35 kilometers away from Beilun Port Precise industry is a national hi tech enterprise There are mainly 4 products ranges in Precise They are stoves spare part for oil drilling machine Charge case agricultural irrigation system and Pneumatic hydraulic products The quantity of the Charge cases we manufactured...

Categories and Products

Air Preparation

Compressed Air Filters

AF5000A-06 G3/4" 40 Micron Pneumatic Air Filter AF2000A-02 G1/4" 40 Micron Air Filter Regulator AF3000A-03 G3/8"40 Micron Filter Treatment AF900-20 G2" Main Line Air Filter AF800-15 G1-1/2" Main Line Air Filter AFF550-10 G1" Water Separator Manual Drain AFF350-04 G1/2" Water Separator Manual Drain AF4000A-04 G1/2"40 Micron Pneumatic Air Filter AFF650-14 G1-1/2" Big Flow Air Filter 

Compressed Air Regulators

AR4000A-04 G1/2" Air Regulator 22-123 psi AR2000A-02 G1/4" Air Regulator 22-123 psi AR3000A-03 G3/8" Air Regulator 22-123 psi Pneumatic Air Regulator OR-2000-1/8 AR5000A-06 G3/4" Air Regulator 22-123 psi AR825-15 G1-1/2"Big Flow Air Regulator AR925-20 G2" Big Flow Air Regulator Pneumatic Air Regulator OR-2000-1/4 Pneumatic Air Regulator OR-4000-1/2 Pneumatic Air Regulator OR-4000-3/8 

Compressed Lubricators

G3/4" Pneumatic Air Lubricator AL5000A-06 AL4000A-04 G1/2" Pneumatic Air Lubricator AL3000A-03 G3/8" Pneumatic Air Lubricator AL2000A-02 G1/4" Pneumatic Air Lubricator AL800-15 G1-1/2" Big Flow Air Lubricator AL900-20 G2" Big Flow Air Lubricator 

Filter&Regulator&Lubricator (FRL)

Air Filter Regulator Lubricator AC2000A 40μm 22-123 psi 40μm 22-123 psi Air FRL Combo Unit 40μm 22-123 psi Air Filter Regulator Lubricator AC3000A-03 G3/4" 40μm 22-123 psi Air Filter Regulator Lubricator OC-2010-1/8 Filter Regulator Lubricator OC-4010-1/2 Filter Regulator Lubricator OC-4010-3/8 Filter Regulator Lubricator OC-2010-1/4 Filter Regulator Lubricator G3/4" Air Filter Regulator Combo Lubricator Air Filter Regulator Combo Lubricator G1/2" G1/4" Air Filter Regulator Combo Lubricator 


AW2000A-02 G1/4" 40μm Air Filter Regulator AW3000A-03 G3/8"40μm 22-123 psi Air Filter Regulator AW4000A-04 G1/2" 40μm 22-123 psi Air Filter Regulator AW5000A-06 G3/4" 40μm 22-123 psi Air Filter Regulator OFR-4000-1/2 Pneumatic Filter Regulator OFR-2000-1/4 Pneumatic Filter Regulator OFR-2000-1/8 Pneumatic Filter Regulator OFR-4000-3/8 Pneumatic Filter Regulator 


Linear Actuator

M5 Mal MINI Air Cylinder 16X150mm MINI Air Cylinder 20X100mm G1/8" Pneumatic MINI Cylinder 32X100mm G1/8" Pneumatic Cylinder MINI Cylinder 25X175mm G1/8" Pneumatic Cylinder MINI Cylinder 25X50mm G1/8" Pneumatic Cylinder MINI Cylinder 20X150mm G1/8" Pneumatic Cylinder MINI Cylinder 32X200mm G1/8" Pneumatic Cylinder MINI Cylinder 25X100mm G1/8" Pneumatic Cylinder Air Cylinder SI 63*150mm G3/8" Cylinder DNC Series 63*150mm G3/8" ISO Standard Standard SI Cylinder 40*150mm G1/4" Air Cylinder DNC Series 40*100mm G1/4" Pneumatic Air SI Series 100*100mm G1/2" ISO Standard DNC80*200-S G3/8"ISO15552 Double Acting Air Cylinder DNC 40*50mm G1/4 ISO15552 Double Acting Air Cylinder Air Cylinder DNC Series 80*150mm G3/8" ISO Cylinder 40*150mm G1/4" DNC Series Air Cylinder DNC Series 80*100mm G3/8" Pneumatic Cylid SI 100*150mm G1/2" ISO Standard Cylinder DNC Series 100*200mm G1/2" Pneumatic 

Pneumatic Valve

Solenoid Directional Control Valves

V523P-08 G1/4" Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Pressure Typ V521-08 G1/4" Pneumatic Solenoid Valve V522-08 G1/4" Pneumatic Solenoid Valve V523C-08 G1/4" Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Close Typ 3V1-06 G1/8"Pneumatic Solenoid Valve V523E-08 G1/4"Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Exhaust Type 

Manual & Mechanically Operated Valves

1/4"Mechanical Valve 2 Position 5 Way Long Knob G1/4"Mechanical Valve Large Round Button 1/4"Mechanical Valve 2 Position 5 Way Lock Button 1/4"Mechanical Valve 2/5 Convex Round Button G1/4" Mechanical Valve 2/5 Plat Round Button 1/4"Mechanical Valve 2 Position 5 Way Selective Knob 1/4"Mechanical Valve 2 Position 5 Way Roller Type 1/4"Mechanical Valve 2 Position 4 Way Basic Type 

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